Fin: Biking in the land of our neighbors to the North

Fin: Biking in the land of our neighbors to the North

“Early successes, Creation’s pampered favorites, mountain ranges, peaks growing red in the dawn of all beginning, — pollen of the flowering godhead, joints of pure light, corridors, stairways, thrones, space formed from essence, shields made of ecstasy, storms of emotion whirled into rapture, and suddenly alone; mirrors which scoop up the beauty  that has streamed … Continue reading

Tok to Haines Junction

It’s day nine of the 2016 Olympics in Rio and day nine of our little bike tour here in the north. We are taking a rest day. After we crossed the border between Alaska and the Yukon, the road changed from smooth pavement to large stretches of sealed gravel. That makes for a slow and … Continue reading

Fairbanks to Tok

We are closer to the Bering Strait than we are to home. This is not as far north as you can get but it’s as far north as I have been. We made it to Fairbanks Saturday morning  without a hitch, many thanks to Rosalie and Dan for driving us and gear and bikes from … Continue reading

Two-wheeled locomotion, Alaska here we come

Hi! I haven’t written in a long time. A couple of years, actually.  The spark to get back on this writing saddle came because Jacob and I have plans to spend the next six weeks on our bike saddles. Tonight we leave on a red-eye flight out of Salt Lake City bound for Fairbanks where we … Continue reading

Winter: Whisperings Photo Essay

It’s burr cold in the midwest right now. I talked to my aunt and apparently it’s burr cold in Oregon too. Apparently the main water pipe exploded and released a river in front of her house. Sheesh. Today is warmer, looking to top out at a balmy 18 degrees. It’s all about perspective. When running … Continue reading

Thoughts from a Long Hike

It’s been a week since we got off trail and are now back in California. A week ago we were on a dusty road with views of mountains extending across a border drawn in the sand. My left achilles screamed to the finish. It was a relief and exciting to reach the line in the … Continue reading

In a Bootheel: Crazy Cook

Crazy Cook is in the middle of the desert right next to a dilapidated barbed wire fence that separates the US and Mexico. It was named for a cold blooded murder that happened over 100 years ago. There is a nice CDT monument, and many hikers start or end their journey there. We ended our … Continue reading