Today started out as a rather poorly, with an hour and a half phone call with my bank, trying to get them to reverse the recent bad credit they gave me on account of their system failing to do not one, but two things that it was supposed to. That was rather fruitless.

Then the mail came, and I was brought to a quick realization that, well, screw this lets get out of here! Our permits came. Canada will let us into their fine country at the end of a long hike, which we’re now allowed to do, thanks to the wonderful folks at the PCTA.

PCT Permit

Our Thru-hiking permit

So, back on path to what really matters in life.  Walking.  Eating.  Sleeping.  Life.

61 days left.


2 thoughts on “Permits

  1. Hi Kit and Jacob!
    My name is Jan and I have had the pleasure of working with your adorable sister for over a year! I am leaving the company, but will no doubt keep in touch with my lil’ Haley. I looked over her shoulder and I find your adventures fascinating. I look forward to following your hiking honeymoon!

    • Hi Jan,
      I agree that my sister is adorable:)Thanks for taking the time
      to write, and read, and I wish you the best in your current work transition!
      Give my sister a hug, as I don’t get many chances to do that……..

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