Rainy Training

Se we plan a training day every week; a long hike with a 30 lb pack.  This weekend happened to coincide with the largest storm to hit California since December.  So we started getting all our rain gear together along with a couple other things.  I thought a fleece, just in case it was chilly.  For some reason or other I told Kit not to bring her gloves, since this is San Jose after all.

The rain turned to snow at about 2500 ft.  It was a very pretty scene walking up the mountain, with coyotes crisscrossing the trail in front of us, looking at us and probably wondering what we’re doing.

Up on the ridge, the gentle snowfall turned to windy slush-crap.  Then we got really wet.  Then we got really cold.  Then Kit realized that she shouldn’t have listened to me about the gloves.

We hid out and warmed up in a little hunting cabin once used by Herbert Hoover before he ever became president.  It has become very dilapidated since then, but the roof still keeps most of the rain out.

On the way down from the mountain, Kit was lucky enough to spot a mountain lion just before is leapt behind the trees.

It was an interesting hike with great wildlife, but we decided to cut it short on account of the cold hands and feet.

Lessons learned: gloves and thick socks for rainy days.  There is no such thing as a waterproof shoe.  And it snows in San Jose?

For reference, here’s a picture of Kit trying to control her pee in the same park last week:

Caution, Bikers


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