Homemade Boat

“This boat that we just built is just fine –

And don’t try to tell us it’s not

The sides and the back are divine –

It’s the bottom I guess we forgot”

-Shel Silverstein from Where The Sidewalk Ends

I’d like to think our “homemade PCT boat” if you will, is built to withstand all the conditions that we could/will come across in the 5 months we’ll be walking. I’d like to say that I feel fully prepared to deal with the elements, with the gear we have, with the food we’ll be eating; that together we’ll be able to adjust to the trail, that we’ll listen to the conditions we find ourselves in, and  we’ll have everything we need to face those challenges head on. But I don’t feel fully prepared. And life doesn’t work that way, and sometimes we forget the bottom.

I guess that’s what it’s about, though right?  On the trail, and in life. Prepare for the worst, but also prepare to adjust, adapt, and change with any given environment, and prepare to mentally and physically accept the fact that there will be challenges that we can’t see from this vantage point, but commit to working to solve problems when they do come up on the fly.

So we’ll build the bottom as we go. 28 days left.


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