Live frugally, on surprise

spring's evanescent presence

“Expect Nothing. Live frugally On Surprise.”

-Alice Walker

I write this entry following a weekend of visiting with J’s family-hanging out, eating, relaxing, catching up and saying goodbye for the next five months; which was a much needed hiatus from planning. Last minute logistics still remain, and there are still details to hash out.

Since this is both Jacob and my first attempted thru-hike, I do wonder if all the energy we’ve spent in this preliminary stage is in vain. The worries dissipate when I look back at the process, and think about how the minutia in the mosaic, the more intimate and intangible details are what we hinge our lives on.

Planning, itself, is part of the larger mosaic, a part of the process, but the joys and beauty come from elements of surprise in a single moment. We need the finer details to make a mosaic, but we need to step back and give the space of perspective to live and find joy and see beauty in the larger picture.

I want to carry with me, through the challenges and frustrations that come up, these sentiments, and remember, that this is a wonderful gift. This thru-hike, this honeymoon, this walk, is a gift.

As I enter into the final phase in this stage of the process, I’m both excited and nervous, anxious, and happy. Happy to live frugally, on surprise.


2 thoughts on “Live frugally, on surprise

  1. How many days away are you guys now?? Ian and I started packing this past weekend and realized we’re only 23 days away ourselves!! The anticipation is starting to build so I can’t imagine how you guys are feeling now! And I am seriously impressed how you guys kept your stuff to such a minimum over the past year before your trip! Ian & I just packed up our camping/climbing stuff and that in itself was such an eye-opener as to how much crap we have =p Good luck with the last days of prep before you guys head out!!! I’m so excited for you guys!

    • Ling!!!!!! We’re 15 days away…but we leave on the 16th…’s crazy that it’s already almost here, eh? I want to see you before we go……so we’ll have to plan on that. I’m excited for you two as well, living out of the van down by *a* Colorado river!!! Woohoo!

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