One week!

We’re one week away! Hoorah!

There are still a few remaining things to do:

-Finish baking hard tack (yes, still working on that….but we see the light at the end of the tunnel, today should be the last day of baking)

-Pack up all but the first two resupply boxes and label to be sent

-Get in a couple of longerish hikes before next week

Rosalie and Dan are our first trail angels, and have kindly offered to drive us down to the south to get on our way. We plan on staying with my family near LA for two nights before heading down to San Diego (Thanks Annamarie and Mitchell fam!). Not sure yet where we are going to stay in SD, that has yet to be determined, but I’ve already talked with another fellow thru-hiker from Tennessee, named Sourdough, who is also starting on the morning of the 19th. We are going to try to meet up in the am and start this walk. Also looking forward to seeing other faces along the way that I’ve come across via the internet vortex. Exciting!

Jacob finished putting together a makeshift solar phone charger out of salvaged materials. It ended up putting another bar on the phone after a few hours in the sun, and it’s pretty small and lightweight, so that’s cool.

We weighed our packs the other day-my base weight’s at 14lbs, J’s is at 17 with his camera. At this point, it doesn’t seem we can cut much more, so we’re gonna go with that.

Been hiking the same path every day to train, and yesterday came across some wild turkey’s flying through the air, guess they were scared of us. They are surprisingly agile and graceful for such a big bird, and it was the first time I’ve ever seen a turkey fly. Pretty sweet.

I’m having dreams every night about the trail. I’m also at that place where I don’t know exactly what to feel, so I feel everything all at once. Doesn’t yet seem real, but I’m eager to navigate that transition from dreaming-to doing.

So the anticipation continues…..


4 thoughts on “One week!

  1. Jacob’s photos are amazing! What camera do you use and what will you be taking with you on the PCT trip? I can’t wait to see your photos from the trip!

  2. Hey, thanks! I use a Nikon D80, and I plan on taking that with (even though it’s very heavy), with a 10-20mm lens.

  3. So, as if walking for 6 months straight wasn’t enough you are going on longerish hikes beforehand? Annie says you are a crazy woman that inspires her immensely.

    Love you both!! Talk to you soon 🙂

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