Big Bear-Wrightwood. Finding limits

Two birds fly past.
They are needed somewhere.
-Robert Bly

We mosied on into Wrightwood yesterday, after catching a ride from a woman named Juliet who informed us upon entering the car that she picked us up because she thought Jacob was cute.  Woohoo.

The last week or so has been about finding our internal boundaries and limits, letting our bodies and minds find an equilibrium, and determining  when to push, and when to pull back. It is a learning process, and is a challenging balance to strike, and will certainly be an ongoing metamorphosis. Physical and mental walls emerge, and sometimes the hardest thing to do is to just stop and listen. The physical wall for me first emerged in the San J’s, and I’ve been more diligent about listening to my body, and communicating to J when we need to maybe take it slower one day, or work in more rests. Since the terrain after Big Bear wasn’t as tough, it gave me a chance to safetly explore those physical limits. J has been grappling with a couple of blood blisters, one that emerged in the space between his big toe and 2nd toe, and has migrated as he continues to walk.  My ankle pain is a manageable one, that comes and goes in waves, and doesn’t seem to be the kind that’s going to cause any damage. So thus far the physical limits have stemmed from, well, walking a lot. Suprise suprise.

The mental limits usually emerge after the physical limits have been pushed beyond the maximum threshold. I have definitely not mastered the art of mind over matter. When the body goes, the mind becomes lazy. So, internally I’ve had to break through walls, but have found it’s even harder to tell the other person. In the first few weeks when one of us was having an off day, the other would help motivate to keep moving. But slowly we’re learning how to slow down when necessary and give the space and time to recover. Keys to staying happy and healthy have manifested in seemingly simplistic routines. I do well with lot’s of sleep. I mean like 11 to 12 hours. My feet are happy when they get to air out every couple of hours. Staying hydrated works wonders. 2nd breakfast, usually our largest meal of the day, comes within the first couple of hours of hiking, and sets a tone for the entire day. It’s in the simple routine where happiness and healthiness unfold.

On a side note, this last week included Mom’s Day (thank you to both mom’s, we love you!), Ron’s Birthday (celebrated for you on the trail:), and I’ll be moving into my 27th year this weekend for my birthday. Wouldn’t want to celebrate it any other way. Jacob carved me a ring (since I’ve been wearing the wedding ring around my neck) out of Jeffrey Pine wood. It’s beautiful.

The trail continues to share many lessons, and I feel blessed to be a student out here.

Love and hugs til next time,

-Chinchilla and Pyrite


5 thoughts on “Big Bear-Wrightwood. Finding limits

  1. Awww, how sweet of him! I saw you online but didn’t message you ’cause I didn’t want to interrupt your blogging =) Hope you have/had (depending on when you read this) a happy happy birthday weekend! Sending you both positive vibes to heal quickly!

  2. Since I don’t know when you will be online, I want to wish you a happy birthday right now! 🙂 Have lots of fun!!! XXXX
    It sounds like the both of you are doing exactly what you love to do – push limits and boundaries. I love it. :)))))

  3. Happy Birthday Kit!!
    I love your updates and am glad to hear that you are both happy and healthy in spite of some aches and pains. Best Wishes!

  4. So glad to hear you two are up and traveling and enjoying the experience. Continue to listen to your bodies, each other and enjoy! Love you!

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