Agua Dulce-Tehachapi: Inspiration

One of the glorious things about this thru-hike is seeing that place where people and nature merge, or at least where people stop and look around and take in the myriad of lessons that nature has to offer. And in this “classroom”, on the trail, people connect, quickly; share, and sometimes move on. Although many times fleeting, these human connections feel deeper, rooted in a common experience. Pyrite and I are currently taking a zero day at a  fellow PCTer’s house in Bear Valley, near Tahachapi with another thru-hiker, Kung Fu.

Rockin‘ has opened up her home for us, and with the aid of her beautiful family, we’ve been privy to some seriously awesome trail magic. She has provided everything a hiker could dream of, and being an avid one herself, she hasn’t held back in sharing the trail love.

I’ve been sitting here trying to write, but I keep erasing the words as they come out, so I’m just going to leave it today with thoughts from someone who is much better with words than I am, which seem to exemplify the current theme:

“All we have, it seems to me, is the beauty of art and nature and life, and the love which that beauty inspires.”

-Edward Abbey, The Journey Home


8 thoughts on “Agua Dulce-Tehachapi: Inspiration

  1. got your text. : ) your trip sounds awesome and inspiring! if you remember the points that we might meet you .. please post or text. i don’t remember but have been trying to look at the spreadsheet and figure it out.

  2. Kit,
    I think your words are lovely and inspirational. I am glad the journey is going well. Best to both. Kate

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  4. hey guys.. i can meet you anywhere between bishop and quincy. i just need a date and more specific location. or i can meet you once in june and once in july. anytime beween june 13 and july. just comment, text or email me. : ) when you feel like it. miss you and sorry to hear about the leaking air mat.. bummer. : ( well done fixing it.

    • Hey Suzy!

      Perhaps we could meet up in July? I’ll have to give you a more accurate estimate of where we are later, we’re just headed into the Sierra, and I’m not sure how that’s going to go…. we’ll probably be closer to Quincy in early July. could i keep you updated? Hug that beautiful daughter of yours for me. Love,Kit

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