Echo Lake-Pooh Corner

We had the pleasure of walking into Desolation Wilderness, a land of many lakes remnicent of my home state, with Rosalie and Dan. Camping on the edge of the austere landscape of Lake Aloha, we fought off a pesky marmot, and could share what our existence has been for the last few months. Set up tent, eat dinner, check maps for the next day, dig a cathole, filter water, and lastly, and most importantly, sleep. Through their eyes, we were able to see what has become commonplace, what has become our nightly routine. We said goodbye to them in the morning and continued onward, heading vaguely north.

There were stretches of clear trail, and the sweet smell of wildflowers greeted us for the first time in a long time, reminding me that it is, in fact, July. There is still a lot of snow between Echo Lake and Donner Pass, and there were definitely times where I wished I had kept my ice axe, even though we did always safely traverse the precipitous slopes. We passed day hikers, a boy scout troup, and all asked us how the snow had been in the Sierra. The best answer is there was a lot of snow. And, there still is. That’s the thing when you have as much snow fall as there was this year, there isn’t enough time for it all to melt.

Most of us exist in carefully organized and controlled worlds, constructed by humans for humans. It’s easy to forget that there are environments, not so far out of our worlds, which do not respond when you press a button. Environments which are not benevolent, or hospitable even. Environments which have an order of existence, a rythym we can’t always find. By confronting the most profound questions about the significance of our themes and schemes, we face an unobstructed view of the durability and reliability of our human-made and human-only constructions. Moved by a powerful desire for these gifts and lessons, people seek out these environments, which in turn, induce a modesty and sense of humility, in people. A symbiotic relationship can evolve, at this juncture.

I try to remember that when I’m cursing the snow. Or when I’m frustrated with yet another punch into the abyss below the snow. I hope I can carry this thought with me…

Peace and love to friends and readers,

And many many thanks to Bill and Molly Person for such a lovely stay at their cabin home at Donner Lake. Pooh Corner is a must-stop on the PCT…





3 thoughts on “Echo Lake-Pooh Corner

  1. You guys have us here hanging in suspense, waiting for more updates. Hope everything is OK. We are rooting for you guys.


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