The Northern Terminus of our Hungry Honeymoon

“No man can step into the same river twice, for the second time it’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man.” Heraclitus

Monument 78, at the Northern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail

The end of our hungry honeymoon

Popeye and Olive Oil, Balls and Sunshine, Caddeyshack, The Lone Ginger, and Chinchilla and Pyrite at the Terminus

Pyrite and I completed our 2011 Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike on September 24, at around 9:10 pm. We shared this moment, at the Northern Terminus, with 6 other hikers, and the sky seemed to open up that last day as we decided to make a final push to the end and hiked well into the evening. The air was electric throughout the day with dancing nerves, and jittery conversations.

All thru-hikers undergo a metamorphosis throughout the duration of their journey, and our experience was of no exception as individuals, nor as a couple. The transformations that we’ve undergone will illuminate as we make this transition into the next stage, and while that’s scary right now as I sit at this computer, in an enclosed, sheltered room in Seattle, I’m excited to see what the unknown has in store for us.

I feel lucky to have such a loving, patient partner, and I am grateful that we both were able to follow through with the actualization of our shared dream. Thank you to all who were there along the way, we couldn’t have done this without the love and support from all those angels on and off the trail.

So, in closing, I’ll share the promises that Pyrite and I made to each other on October 2, 2010,


Kit’s Vows:
Jacob, I don’t know what the next 100 years will hold. But since we will be together, I have no fear. These are the things I promise to you as we walk this journey, together. I promise to walk with you, to new sunrises and new sunsets, new rivers that let out to the ocean, new forests that open up into clearings. The unknown is beautiful, and I look forward to sharing it with you. I promise to listen to you and learn from you. In a world – our world – that changes so quickly that every single day is unknown, there is much to discover and explore. Let there be no false idols – nor one-lane bridges – in our marriage; I believe in us, and have faith that there’s two-way traffic ahead. When encountering the unknowns, I promise to face them and find the joy in them and to hold your hand, squeeze it, and to let you know that I sense the strangeness, too. I will be your warm thing. In the cold, the rain, the snow packs and snow melts, on the highest peaks, and in the coldest streams, on those nights when we won’t have anything but the heat of our own bodies, I will share with you. My heat is your heat and all that I have is yours.Today I marry my best friend, you, my love and I’m happy to proclaim, that I, Kathleen Mitchell, take you, Jacob Gallagher, to be my husband and my chosen life partner, now and forever.
Jacob’s Vows:
Some time ago we met while walking the same path and by series of coincidences and choices we still walk the same path. Today I promise to walk with you no matter where you go. This is not so much a promise for what I will do for you, as who I will be with you. You bring out the best in me, and I will do what I can to bring out the best in you. I wont be perfect, because I never have been and never will be, but I will listen and grow with you. I will be a part of you, just as you will be a part of me. I will know that anything that I or anyone will do to hurt you will also hurt me. I will be one with you, but these are not chains that will bind me. I know that my spirit will soar free, for it soars the highest when you are with me. I will love you for as long as there is any substance to my being.  Today I take you, Kathleen Mitchell, as my wife, my partner, and my friend.  Unequivocally and forever.

So onward we walk, into the unknown

Peace and love to all who have followed along the way,

Chinchilla and Pyrite


7 thoughts on “The Northern Terminus of our Hungry Honeymoon

  1. Congratulations on finishing! I’m glad we could be a small part of your journey – I’ve enjoyed living vicariously through your blogs (and glad, at this stage in my life that it was you and not me!). I know you will have many challenges ahead in your lives, but am sure that you will conquer them as you have these – one step at a time, together.

  2. I am sooo glad to get this post! and that all is MORE than well. Just finished looking at your photos. That camera and the operator are amazing. I just love your vows. I sat in my car and cried reading them. That doesn’t happen very often. Thank you for sharing your journey with our family and we are so hoping to be part of the ongoing saga. Please keep in touch.
    Rockin’ and family

  3. awesome! just texted you before i even saw this post. I was thinking about where you were.. now i know… what an unbelievable journey! when you know where your next step takes you and want to share it let me know. miss you guys!

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