The PCT in a sentence

The trail is the site of enterprise with the earth, the locale where our worldly interactions come to a head.

A long-distance hike is acutely felt, and clearly not flat.

They were hot there, and cold there, and some were born there, and others died there.

And, with the water exploding, and the mountains slowly creeping, and the snow slowly melting, and the earth slowly dying, I looked at him, and I thought to myself, ‘here we are, in the howl of the world’.

My words that could never be heard poured into that River.

And in the morning, I saw the sunrise. It turned my heart.


4 thoughts on “The PCT in a sentence

  1. Finding that ever elusive flow of our river of kinesthetic-thoughts and chromatic-perceptions,
    We initiate this dreamscape that we have journeyed in by allowing us to fully
    Integrate with the colors that we hear in the infinite sunsets as nothing less than lessons.

    Not only lessons of the mind and body, but more importantly of the heart;
    Let’s follow our passionate dreams, nothing less than sublime,
    Starting a new beginning at the end and not always from the start,
    Because today is a new adventure and now is the time . . . – ‘Rockdancer’ P.C.T. ’11

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