Mountain Tales Press, Whisperings

Last September, Pyrite and I spent ten days which included a cross-country route into Kaweah Basin in Sequoia National Park. Pyrite took photos, and I wrote an essay about the trip. On November 16, 2012, “Finding Infinity” emerged with it’s own vitality, and was accepted for publication by the literary and visual cultural publication, Whisperings-Volume 1 Issue 3 edition published by Mountain Tales Press. MTP does not solicit donations, does not apply for grants, and does not include advertisements.  Note: This means the marketing and advertising for the work isn’t done by some slick joe behind the scenes. Whisperings seeks to support emerging writers and artists as a means to present their work and hone their craft.

Folklore, poetry, prose, essays, flash prose, and short-fiction as yet written.

Paintings sketches, photography and photographic essays as yet viewed.

Take a look, and if you find beauty or joy, support by buying a digital or print copy. This directly encourages writers and artists who contribute (including me). Or take a look at the list of libraries for free copies of the publication, some are in Southern California. I’m honored to be one of the contributors.

While on trail, I plan on updating on this website in town stops, and Jacob and I will also be working on a Continental Divide Trail sojourner, which will be published by Mountain Tales Press in Whisperings. 


3 thoughts on “Mountain Tales Press, Whisperings

  1. I have read a lot of the blogs of the PCT 2011 Class and just came across your blogs as you have joined “The Trail Unites Us”. I was looking to comment on the photographs when i seen your current post. The photos from your joint PCT Trip are absolutely breathtaking. The best of all the photos I have seen in all my research of the PCT. I look forward to purchasing and enjoying “Finding Infinity”. And continuing to follow your journey on the CDT. Happy Trails this summer!

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