Grass waves

Grass waves
when the wind blows
and seeds hitch a ride.

This is my first time writing on a smartphone. It feels strange, like learning a new language. My fingers can’t keep up with my thoughts and many of the thoughts are lost by the time I can write a word. No matter, lost thoughts don’t always need to be found. I intend to write updates from the trail this way, which will likely result in an imposed brevity code. Goodnight!


2 thoughts on “Grass waves

  1. Hi Ling! We are like an infestation of squirrels, or woodpeckers, or other caching animals-except it isn’t for hibernation, it’s for extended perambulation. Where are you going camping/climbing? I’ll get up our skeleton of an itinerary on here soon to let you know when-abouts we’ll be in your neck of the woods. Thinking of you too!

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