Hello, Montana! In Good Company.

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Thunder clouds rolled in this morning and squeezed out rain, Nora went to the hospital, and Michael, Jacob and I biked to Lowe’s, Target, and the Bozo Coop, otherwise known as the Bozeman Community Co-op. At Lowes we picked up trash compactor bags to line our packs, at Target we picked up batteries, and at the Co-op we bought our first two days of food, which we forgot  in the shuffle on our way here. I’m excited for the chocolate covered pretzels.

We left California on Tuesday, landed in Bozeman, and invaded Nora and Michael’s cozy apartment.

Michael mixes things together, adds heat, and good food comes out. Then we eat it.

I met Nora six years ago. We were younger versions of ourselves in a strange foreign land, trying to grasp a new language and life as Peace Corps Volunteers in Tanzania. We were in the same training pod. We walked a lot together. She held my hand in many compromising situations.

Three years ago she was there while Jacob and I made an out-loud promise to walk in life together.

Today we’re here, in good company, with Nora and Michael. In a few days we’ll drive up to Glaciar and walk south.

For now, it’s good to be here.

The evening news is on. In Bozeman the evening news feature oxygen masks for dogs, little league football, and a young wandering bull moose who  likes to munch on trees in town.



3 thoughts on “Hello, Montana! In Good Company.

  1. NORA!!!! Kit and Jakobo are with NORA!!!!! and Michael 🙂 (Iactually yelped with glee when I scrolled down through the first picture… hehe)

    This just MADE MY MORNING!!!! I love you ALL and wish you the happiest most joyful time together. Beautiful friends, beautiful lives, beautiful loves.

    lei 🙂

    On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 10:02 PM, Chinchilla and Pyrite wrote:

    > ** > Kit posted: ” “

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