Belly River

Sunday June 23, 2013

Day 1: Chief Mountain trailhead to Gable Creek Campground-6 miles.

“I’ve got that full feeling again.” I say.
“Remember that for the hard days.” Jacob replies.

Nora and Michael said farewell right after we took a photo at the sign designating the Canadian/us border. A border patrol officer told us we couldn’t take any photos that compromised their security. “Can we go up to the border?” We asked.
“Go where the pavement changes.” Gruff security buff directed us.
We took our photos, hugged our friends, and oriented south. At 4:30 we started walking and I remembered the video we had to watch at the backcountry ranger station about speaking loudly and singing to alert the bears. I sang for Jacob and the bears. Jacob said he hoped I would tire of it soon. It’s a long way to Mexico.
For now I’ve got that good full feeling. Goodnight!


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