Piegan Pass

Tuesday June 25, 2013 Many Glacier to Reynolds Creek. 14 miles

We awoke this morning to a light but unceasing rain. We had hoped it would stop but after an extra hour in the tent but decided it was time to get up. And I had to pee.

The destination was up and over Piegan pass. Our sources told us of a fair amount of snow, but more worrisome was the chance of afternoon thunderstorms. We didn’t want to be anywhere near the ridge when bolts of lighting rain from the heavens.

So off into the rain drenched forest we went. The clouds overhead looked little more than fluffy buckets of water. So far so good. After the first bridge that was out we added cold wet feet to the mix, but still nothing we couldn’t handle. Soon we met Flyboxer, who was hunkered down waiting for the rain to pass.

A few more river crossings later we were ascending the snowy slopes of the pass. We pulled out the ice axes and micro spikes and up we went.

Then it started getting really windy. We guessed it was gusting at 35 mph or more. Then the clouds started getting darker. Then, thunder.

At this point the fear set in. We were too high to reasonably go back and the clouds were pouring in over our pass, so we found a rock ledge to hide under while we sorted out what we were going to do.

In the pursuing 30 minutes we contemplated what do do: wait, go over, or go back. None looked all too promising, but then a ray of sunlight came over the pass, and the grey clouds turned white so we made a run for it.

Up over and blue skies showed us the way down. A couple hours later the skies closed up again and dropped some more anger on the mountains, but we were safely on the valley floor eating cous-cous and refried beans.

A short video from the pass


3 thoughts on “Piegan Pass

  1. Wowser! Happy you made it over the pass! 🙂 We are thinking many positive thoughts for the continuation of your adventure! Love you TONS!! Mom

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