Red Eagle Lake to Two Medicine Lake

Thursday, June 27th. Red Eagle Lake to Two Medicine Lake. -25 miles

The sky gods were kind today, the sun rose and stayed throughout the day and the rain didn’t even make an appearance. We had some time to talk with Flyboxer last night and decided to do Triple Divide Pass together. The pass was not difficult aside from a silly decision on my part. We came to a snow shoot that was roughly 40 feet wide. Jacob traversed and I came next but saw some nice sun cup steps going straight up which appeared to hit right up against rock. Flyboxer and I thought that would be easier. Turns out it wasn’t. The top of the snow shoot was a nice cornice and there was a wide and deep gap between it and the rock. So Flyboxer and I ended up traversing on a steeper slope over to a snow bridge where Jacob was asking us why we didn’t just follow his steps. It was a good question.
We made it to the trail alright and went up to the pass which flanked Triple Divide Peak, the convergence of three valley’s, one headed to the Pacific,one to the Atlantic, and one to Hudson Bay. Looking back to the valley we had just walked showed the extent of the wildfire which raged through the park in the 90’s. The park decided not to fight it and let it burn. Burn it did.
We said goodbye to Flyboxer at the top of the pass and descended into a lush valley with grazing deer the size of horses.
Today was a two pass day with snow hiking reminding me of the Sierra in 2011.

And now it’s late and we are in a campground and ready for bed. Goodnight!


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