Trees squirt pollen

Saturday June 29th. East Glacier to White Rock Creek, approximately 25 miles.

“I’m like a Caddisfly Larvae. My home on my back feels like a load of gold.” I said as we walked out of town with 6 days of food.

“That doesn’t make sense. Caddisfly Larvae construct shelters out of other materials. You have a collapsable shelter.” Jacob corrected me. The question remains, do any animals construct collapsable shelters and carry them?

I carried more than the contents of my pack today. The Lodgepole Pines were squirting pollen out everywhere, and it covered my feet, pants, pack, hat. I asked Jacob if we should help out the trees and rub the pollen up against other trees. He said he didn’t want to be the mediator between trees having sex. Fair enough.

I also carried webs built by orb weavers as we moved through the forest. Unintentionally, of course.
I carried wasp venom in my right middle finger. I think the wasp was trying to drink the salts from my finger and I scared it so it stung me.

The trail out of Glacier National Park isn’t like walking where someone took a toothbrush to the dirt. It’s sort of like a bunch of animals walked along the same path and carved out rivets in the mud. Actually sometimes it was like walking on suncups that don’t melt and are hard instead of squishy.

The forest in the Bob thus far has been pretty, and our bodies feel good. Not much else we could ask for.


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