Mountains Fall

This morning we woke as usual and started our hike along a rocky ridge with steep and stepped cliffs. The morning sun warmed us and the remaining snow up on that ridge, causing a pile of rocks and snow to come crashing down from the cliff.

I started to think about how water seeping into small cracks brings these otherwise impenetrable blocks of rock down to piles of gravel. Such an interesting physical property that water has, it gets bigger as it freezes. Without the right general temperature and pressure these mountains wouldn’t fall. Life as we know it wouldn’t exist.

I do believe with all the billions of planets out there that life has to exist outside our little world. On our planet we’ve seen that life finds a way in any possible environment we’ve seen, any temperature, pressure, toxin, radiation. I wonder how strange life could be somewhere out there. What little cracks they live in, what shapes they take.

And maybe their mountains don’t fall.


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