Getting spidered

“You just got spidered!” I say to Jacob. Spiders latch on as we walk through their craftily constructed webs which seem to be built often enough across a trail. Sometimes they’ll hang on to my hat and I will notice them when they suspend a few inches from my face. Sometimes they grab onto a trekking pole and crawl up to my hand. I feel bad when we destroy their webs. I wonder how long it takes to rebuild.
Needless to say, getting spidered is a common occurrence.

We are south of where the trail first crosses the I-15. I don’t know how many miles we hiked but we did our normal 12ish hours. That includes snack breaks and what not. There is confusing signage in this section and we ended up doing an extra hour loop looping back on ourselves. Trail crews leave traces with nice new signs and its clear the attempt is to follow footpaths instead of dirt or gravel or paved roads. We are trying to get to Butte Pass to meet Nora and Michael for resupply and spend an afternoon with them so chose to follow the road walk. Excited to meet up with them tomorrow. Goodnight!


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