We are in the Leadore Inn sharing a room with Trailbait, otherwise known as Slam, Bigfoot, and Moosie. Swiss Miss, Very Fit, Steiner, Gangles, Barrel Roll, Grinder, Aaron and Little Bug are also all here. The people of Leadore have a hiker bomb.
In the last stretch we ran into Jim Wolf and thanked him for all the work he has done for the trail. He was looking for info on the new stretch of trail between Jahnke Lake and Eunice Creek. The trail is up on the divide and there were few on trail water sources. Goldstone Pass had an unnamed spring to the west of the divide of a lake to the east, we went to the spring and siphoned water from a tiny trickle with cows watching is. Bigfoot later went to the spring but the cows were more aggressive so he went back over the pass to get water at the lake.
We also walked where the Corps of Discovery expedition came through at Lemhi Pass. Lewis and Clark were surprised to find that the Continental Divide wasn’t just a single knife edge ridge separating the drainages of the Columbia and the Missouri rivers. They found many mountains. And they wanted help to find a way through he mountains. Now there is a campground and a spring memorializing Sacajawea for her help in saving their asses. We drank from the spring.
We walked the divide and the border between Idaho and Montana. Haven’t seen any Bitterroot but have come across lots of Lupine.
Going to sleep in a bed. Goodnight!



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