Thunder Showers and Cow Pies

Lightning between clouds cackles and cracks and rolls above like the sky is going to split open. It’s a really intense feeling to be on the divide with the storm above. Yesterday I saw a bolt touch down as we were getting hammered with hail. Today we were hailed on again. In between the storms was extremely pleasant hiking. The hills are green and rolling and if there wasn’t the rocky ridges I’d think we were in foothills. We have been around more cows than people for this stretch. I wonder what the cows do in lightning storms. I guess they just moo. They appear to be very happy cows with so much grass and land to graze, except they are skittish and can be aggressive. They have to worry about more than one apex predator out here.

Yesterday we believe we saw a mountain lion within 50 yards of us. Neither of us saw the whole body, but just glimpsed a powerful golden shoulder and silent catlike movement. It seemed implausible that it let us get that close, but we can’t think of what else it would be.

It’s bedtime and the wind is whistling and a tree is creaking. Goodnight!


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