Walking the divide along the Idaho/Montana border to The i-15 was a roller coaster ridge and beautiful. The mountains were green, rippled like a racing horse body, and revealed expansive views for many miles. Mike and Connie at the Mountain View Motel shuttle hikers to and from the trail. Lima is a front range haven. On the way to the underpass we met a forest service worker who told us how they were working to improve the CDT. He said they had a volunteer who rode his by bicycle with a chainsaw on the back to do maintenance.
We met up with Sparrow, who we ran into briefly on the PCT, Sky, and Tim. The last few days we’ve ran into a bunch of nobos, those who started in Mexico and are headed to Canada. Gnar and Pod told us we looked clean, even coming off trail. I think I smell unclean except after showering.
To get to the Post Office at Old Faithful Village when it’s open, i.e., not on a weekend, we are headed out tomorrow sometime not too early and will camp in Yellowstone Sunday night. The ranger Jacob talked to about permits was really nice and accommodating for thru-hikers.
So we haven’t been able to upload many photos from Jacob’s camera, but we took some with the phone in the last stretch.
Little Bug and Aaron posed for the hiker foot shot below, check out how many socks there are for four feet.
Our trusty shoes were in their last leg about 200 miles ago. Jacob tried taping the broken bits of tread, to little avail. We now have a new pair of shoes. And I’m sad to let the old ones go.
Alright, goodnight!










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