Eat like a Moose

There are no bears in the divide basin and the roads are lined with sage brush. Horned Toads also scurry around.
My parents drove out to Wyoming from Minnesota this weekend and we spent time with them in Lander. It’s a pretty decent drive and coordinating a pickup time and even place while we were mostly out of service through the Winds was challenging. We asked a guy who was hiking out at the Green River to send my dad a message with an ETA. Given all that it worked out incredibly well and my parents were patient and generous to come all the way out here. It was great to spend time with them.
Apparently the average sized moose needs to eat around 20,000 calories a day. On trail, Jacob and I eat between 4500 and 5000 a day. We are wondering if it’d be possible to have a moose day, that is, eat like a moose. Yesterday I gather I was almost at a half moose day. Maybe in a future time the full moose day will happen.
The sun is going down and the moon is out. Jacob said this part of the Great Divide Basin reminds him of where he grew up in Southern California. He said when he was 15 the desolation of the desert inspired him to write a poem. I asked him to recite it and all he could remember was the last line:

But even in the desert flowers still bloom.

Although the only flowers blooming are the mustard, those seeds scattered by settlers on their way west, it’s nice to think in the heat of the day and when looking out to the expanse that sometime during the year flowers bloom full.

Goodnight from the desert.




2 thoughts on “Eat like a Moose

  1. ahhh, you were in Lander?? I was there just a month ago! When might you be in Colorado? I have a feeling I’m going to narrowly miss you guys when I fly out to Cali at the end of the month =(

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