The Taste of Water

The Great Divide Basin is fairly dry. We carried water from Sweetwater River this morning, after having a standoff with the cows for access to the shore. We were planning on getting water from a fenced off area at Weasel Spring. There was, indeed, a weasel living in the rocks. The water was contained in a metal tube covered with what looked like a garbage bin top. When we opened it up the thick smell of decomposing flesh met us. A mouse crawled in through one of the holes searching for water and drowned. It was probably only a couple of days since it died, but it smelled terrible. So the question we’ve started to ponder is what is the worst type of crappy water. We use a Sawyer filter and I forgot to grab some bleach in town as backup, so as long as our filter works we should be fine for most microbes, but scent still goes through.

The consensus is that decomposing mouse is the worst. It tastes like death, but the good news is the taste is all in the front end. Cow poop water lingers, it’s hard to swallow large amounts of it without gagging. Slime and Algae are the least terrible crappy water. Plants are ok tasting in general.


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