Water report

I figure there are a number of SOBOs behind us that might check this and want to know what the water situation is.

We use a Sawyer Squeeze, which holds in all of the flavor but none of the microbes. Those out there using other methods don’t appreciate the taste of the water so much. You’ll never know what the anus of a cow tastes like, or the decay of small rodents. Think what you’re missing…

Sweetwater river 8-17
Appearance: Minimal cow poop
Taste: Normal river water (not sweet)

Weasel spring 8-19
Appearance: Clear with moths and a dead mouse (removed).
Taste: Like wet decay.

Trough 1/2 mile south of weasel spring 8-19
Appearance: Little algae.
Taste: Very mild plant flavor.

State reservoir 8-19
Appearance: 2 inches of muddy water.

Hay press reservoir 8-20
Appearance: imagine urinating in a bottle and adding a drop of green food coloring. That’s what it looked and smelled like.

Haypress spring 8-20
Appearance: Bone dry.

West Arapahoe 8-20
Appearance: Cow shit.

East Arapahoe 8-20
Appearance: Small puddle near the back of the enclosure. Don’t plan on much.
Taste: Strong flavor of non-fecal organic matter (swamp).

Benton Spring 8-20
Appearance: Oasis.
Taste: Glory.

Crooks Creek 8-20
Appearance: Decent amount of water. Flow was low, but drinkable.

A&M reservoir 8-20
Appearance: Lovely lake.
Taste: Scuzzy lake.

Bull Spring 8-21
Appearance: water and moths in a tube
Taste: hard water. Not bad.

Fish Pond Spring
Appearance: Sad amount of otherwise great water. Albeit with some dirt/rust.
Taste: Second best in the Basin.


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