End of the Basin

Orion was out when we got up at 5:15 am. It’s late August I remember, just over two months on the trail. Hard to believe, but our hardened bodies tell the tale of those two months. Rolling green hills with a few aspens are signs that the basin is behind us. It’s nicer hiking, with clouds above us and a cool breeze in the morning. Twilight lasts a long time, the sun takes its time to rise. This part of the trail goes through tracks of private land, it’s a public/private land checkerboard and we see signs warning us to stay on the road. It is a road, but one over terrain, which is nice. My favorite thing about this stretch are he Horned Toads, some only about an inch long. At that young stage they are the gray color of clay, so are hard to see when walking fast and I’m afraid ill crush them. Jacob has to put up with me stopping and chasing them at least ten times a day. It’s amazing we still manage to get miles in with all these toads.
We should get to Encampment tomorrow afternoon. Soon we will say goodbye to Wyoming.
It’s time for bed, goodnight!


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