Thimbleberry Love


We said farewell to Wyoming and hello to Colorado yesterday. It feels good to have hiked through two states, but daylight hours remind me that we are walking into Summer’s tail. It is harder to get up in the morning, and harder to walk into the evening. Transition time.

My Achilles’ tendon started talking to me about a week back. Nothing major, but at night and on breaks it was sore. I had tendinitis on that tendon when I was training for an ultra last year. It got better after the run. This morning it was sore when I was hiking. I’m modifying the RICE regime to II. Ice and ibuprofen, ice is actually soaking my legs in cold streams. It felt better with the soaks and Vitamin I. We hiked less miles today and enjoyed some love from nature’s fruits-the thimbleberries are ripe, and lined the trail on our way up to Lone Ranger Peak. It was nice to get some Thimbleberry lovin’.


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