Some clouds creep, in the morning they funnel up or down a mountain valley waiting for other clouds to meet up with to do cloud things. Some clouds cling, with extended claws on ridges. Some clouds are amorphous blobs of gray doom that will go boom. And some clouds part just enough for the sun to poke through.

We emerged from our tent into a cloud this morning. It was hard to see much, and the light from my headlamp reflected back into my eyes. After breakfast and breaking camp we headed up to the pass as more clouds from the night poured over the ridge. It had rained all night and we wondered it we would get a break today. It turns out the weather is actually hard to predict. The wind was chillier than its been and I saw the first changing aspen leaves. It feels like fall. The morning cleared up and we had pleasant hiking. Aspen bark turns a golden green color after it rains which is quite pretty and beneath the trees fungi thrive in these wet conditions. Without much effort I can pick out anywhere between 10 to 20 different species. I can’t name them though.

The last week or so has been hard. We stress about lightning on ridges, try to set up so we can make it over and through safely, and some days we’ve had to stop early. We have to fold ourselves into the mountain weather. It’s a healthy reminder and conjures a song, “you don’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need.”
Goodnight from the trail!


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