Squirrels Throw Nuts

They hoard acorns and pine nuts in anticipation of winter, and I guess they get angry by hikers passing by; more than once I’ve been hit in the head by a falling or thrown nut. I tell the squirrels to drop those nuts, and they do, and then I get hit.
We a made it to Twin Lakes. Katie at the general store was super nice and hiker friendly. The Colorado Trail is a well- used route and she knew the drill as to what hikers were interested in.
In the hiker box someone dropped off a copy of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. I miss reading books and briefly thought of carrying it, weight and all. That thought passed.
It drizzled today like Washington in September, 2011. The clouds hung around most of the day and between falling raindrops we dodged the acorns and nuts. Squirrels throw nuts!

Wishing all of you a lovely night.


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