Oh Snow!

As most of the country knows, Colorado is wet. It’s been wet for a lot of our hike.

The day leading into and out of Lake City were amazing weather. Best we’ve seen in weeks anyway. But there’s always a catch, and it was a one day weather pattern that was supposed to hit today. It was supposed to be snow and “probable” thunder. We hoped for the best and headed out.

This morning we awoke to thunderstorms at Cataract Lake. So we slept some more and waited for it to roll over. Then soon after all our stuff was packed away and we were ready to hit it started snowing. Most hikers will say that snow is better to hike in because its less wet and cold than rain. This is true but snow seems more ominous.

Snow turned to rain as we dropped for our thunderstorm alternate. Feet went from cold to numb as we had to cross raging snow/rain creeks.

Then the sun came out and warmed us. That was nice.

So back on the divide. A little later we were about a mile from where the trail headed down off the ridge for a bit, and a nasty looking storm was headed our way. So we got down a bit, drank from the headwaters of the Rio Grande, and ate. By the time we were done the snow was falling and lightning bolts hit the ridge we were previously on.

Sigh. Mountains don’t care.

The trail took us to Stony Pass where we stood by the side of the road, soaking wet discussing options. Then cars came from both directions, one of which stopped to ask us if we were okay and what in the hell we were doing there.

After some deliberation we decided to take them up on their offer to take us to Silverton where we now sit, under a roof.

The weather is supposed to clear tomorrow and stay that way for at least a few days, which should get us through the high parts and into Pagosa Springs. Hopefully. I can’t predict the weather, but I have some faith in NOAA.


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