Plant a Prickly Pear

How to plant a Prickly Pear:

Step 1: Eat the red, seedy fruit.
Step 2: Hike a while to digest the good stuff and let the seeds pass through.
Step 3: Dig a cathole.
Step 4: Do yo business.

We left Lordsburg this morning. We were stopped twice, once by the County Commissioner who was kind and told us to look out for two Wolves that were recently spotted near Pyramid Peak. Apparently there was a wolf sanctuary near here and Gray Wolves bred with Mexican Gray Wolves. He thought the wolves in question were hybrids. We looked and listened but didn’t see any hybrid wolves.
We were stopped later by a Border Patrol Officer who let us know where reliable water sources were and said the road to Crazy Cook was drivable (Jacob’s parents are driving all the way from California to pick us up.) It was a positive encounter with Border Patrol. I think of how unpleasant border patrol encounters are for a lot of people.

The Chihuahuan Desert is desolate but nice this time if year. The temperatures hang around 70 F during the day and today a breeze is blowing. What grass there is has gone to seed and can be stabby little buggers. But it’s just doing what grass does.

We are in the final stretch. It feels good to be close.



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