In a Bootheel: Crazy Cook

Crazy Cook is in the middle of the desert right next to a dilapidated barbed wire fence that separates the US and Mexico. It was named for a cold blooded murder that happened over 100 years ago. There is a nice CDT monument, and many hikers start or end their journey there. We ended our hike and Jacob’s parents braved the 30 or so miles over really rough road to meet us. We must be crazy.
Thank you so much for reading, and for anyone who helped us out along the way with love or support.
The CDT is a beautiful beast, sometimes just a beast, never simply beautiful. It was damn hard and immensely rewarding.
More later, for now, it’s resting time!


12 thoughts on “In a Bootheel: Crazy Cook

  1. “Congratulations” is an understatement in this situation. All i can say is “wow”. Great job and memories for a lifetime. Ed

  2. Yaaaaaaay!!!! This is the best news ever! Congratulations both of you. Glad you are safe, happy, and healthy. And what nice parents to drive that 30 miles. I have heard it is rough. Can’t wait to see photos from your trip. It is snowing in Tehachapi. 🙂

    • The road was not so much a road as a dusty path with deep washes, it was more than nice for his folks to pick us up. It’s snowing everywhere! What do you have up your sleeve for winter play? Hi to Dan from us!

  3. Congrats to you both!! Is was a pleasure meeting and hiking with you in Glacier, wish our paths could have crossed a few more times out there. What’s the next adventure going to be?! -Flyboxer

    • Hi Flyboxer! It was great hiking with you too, we’ve thought of you a lot and wish you safe and fun hiking as you make your way south. Where are you planning on finishing? Hope we see you on one of the trails soon!

    • Hey, thanks, Will. Your trail name is Huck, right? If so we’ve been following you since Canada, in trail registers, and I think your footprints;) Which is reason to say good job and congrats to you too! Yeah, we were surprised about the last register. But there is a nice new monument!

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