Thoughts from a Long Hike

It’s been a week since we got off trail and are now back in California. A week ago we were on a dusty road with views of mountains extending across a border drawn in the sand. My left achilles screamed to the finish. It was a relief and exciting to reach the line in the sand, roughly 3,000 miles having passed under our feet. When we took the last steps and stopped at the monument we took photos, to remember. To commemorate. My feet were happy to be done, my mind ready. But it just felt like any of the other day on the trail. We woke up, we walked, and then we didn’t walk.

Things learned or reminded of from this long-hike:

Start: walk a lot. When you get to the end: stop.

If you are a woman, learn to pee standing up. It saves time.

If you do pee standing up, try to learn how to do it so as you don’t pee on yourself.

If you do pee on yourself hope you can find a partner who will tolerate you.

Long-distance hiking is about walking a lot of miles to get from one place to another.

Learn how to set up your sleep system fast and in any weather condition.

Don’t kick a cactus.

Grasshoppers are cannibals.

Ravens have speed-dating parties.

Humans are really good at walking upright.

Humans are not good without enough food and water. Find food and water.

If you aren’t sure where you are, you aren’t sure where you are going. If you aren’t sure where you are going then any trail will take you there.

People like to tell you how to hike . And then they will say Hike Your Own Hike. This is okay. When that happens, they really mean to say, Hike My Hike.

Beer tastes very good when you are dehydrated. It does not feel good if you drink too much when you are dehydrated.

The best people are the mad ones. And trails tend to have a high concentration of these people. Hike the long trails and you’ll meet the mad ones.



9 thoughts on “Thoughts from a Long Hike

  1. Congratulations ! I am looking forward more pics !
    Hope you had a great time.
    Kit, please tell me how to pee standing up … It could be very useful … 😉

    • Thank you, dear Elodie. I hope you and that young hiker you have get to go out on some long trails. I think I’ll have to demonstrate the art in person, where shall we meet?

  2. You amazing, crazy kids. You are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live. Congrats again on your finish. Love the high five finish. And cheers on your next, maybe yet unknown, adventure

    • Cheers to you and the other crazy next to you. Where are you? It must be close. Is there any chance you two will be in Minnesota in December? (Guess who will be in town on tour…Vienna Teng!)

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