Fairbanks to Tok

We are closer to the Bering Strait than we are to home. This is not as far north as you can get but it’s as far north as I have been. We made it to Fairbanks Saturday morning  without a hitch, many thanks to Rosalie and Dan for driving us and gear and bikes from Lander to Salt Lake City! The Fairbanks airport was amiable to us assembling everything right there in the lobby. James, a kind guy who works with a local tour company, was particularly helpful and let us explode, arrange, and pack our stuff. We arrived at 8am and were on the road to the grocery store to pick up food for our first leg by 1030. Riding through the streets with our buckets was disconcerting. I felt like a very wide load, as I am compared to my skinny little town bike. It was a relief to get out of town and on our way by 1pm.

Day One Mileage: 48 Campsite: Salcha River State Recreation Site. We rode along the Richardson Highway, that gets progressively better away from Fairbanks. Our campsite was a river launch picnic ground where a moose seemed to make a bed. Even with the sun we both slept hard.

Day 2: Mileage: 72 Camped on state land.

Day two had a few more hill climbs and views of the Alaska Range that were shrouded in clouds. We saw three moose and one bush plane that did a fake landing along the road as a wave. It was an overcast day but pleasant riding.

Day three: Mileage: 88 Stayed in a motel in Tok. The sun was out from the morning and the road became less busy beyond Delta Junction. Everyone says this is the land where wildlife reigns. I think lichens reign. The soil and forests here are teeming with life, and with such a short season, it’s amazing how dense the growth is. We ride by without being able to see beyond a foot into the forest. I’m sure we miss much. 

So far, so good. I don’t have a way to upload photos so that will have to wait until the end. Be well, friends!


5 thoughts on “Fairbanks to Tok

  1. Wowww, I just mapped out Lander to SLC: that is quite a drive! Yay for awesome friends πŸ˜€ Glad to hear you guys are well on your way! Stay safe! ❀

  2. Guys, BTW we successfully completed our overnight pack trip to the Cirque of the Towers. That is no hike for weenies! We got sleeted on, hailed on, and we watched the meteor shower at 2:30 AM. We’re back home now, sore but happy!

  3. So happy you are achieving your dreams! 😘 Yesterday when we were hiking down from the Cirque in the Winds we met a large family group heading up to Big Sandy Lake with two big white goats packing provisions. 🐐🐐 As we neared the trailhead two pack llamas were just finishing their work! Interesting…. Update when you can….stay safe! Love you two! πŸ’•

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