Group Gear:

  • Big Agnes UL 2 (this tent has a design flaw that other thru’s we talked to encountered. The angle of the zipper causes a lot of tension, and ours started to break, and we traded this in for the UL3 person which was like a condo and weighed about 1 lb more.)
  • Tyvek ground cloth
  • JetBoil Personal
  • Custom synthetic sleeping quilt (Jacob designed and made a 2 person quilt that worked perfect for the trip.)
  • First Aid kit
    • SAM Splint
  • Sunscreen
  • Cell Phone w/ solar charger
  • First Need Water purifier
  • Pocket Knife


  • UAL Catalyst
  • Playtups 3L hoser
  • Playpus 3L resevoir
  • 1L FairShare mug
  • spoon
  • Mermot Precip Rain Jacket
  • REI ultralight rain pants
  • northface GTX-XCR trail runners
  • REI pants
  • mountain Hardware Shirt
  • underwear (2x)
  • socks (2x)
  • Black Diamon Raven Pro Ice Axe
  • Casio Pathfinder watch
  • Bear Vault BV500
  • Petzel Tika XP
  • Camera
    • Nikon D80
    • Signa 10-20 mm Lens
    • Water resistance padded case
  • Thermarest Neo Air short pad
  • Custom Synthetic Vest
  • Fleece hat


  • Osprey Ariel 65: I love this pack, although in retrospect I would go for a lighter and more minimalist pack on a thru-hike, like the Atmos 50, I never fully loaded the Ariel 65, and I ended up feeling like I was carrying extra weight.)
  • Platypus 3L hoser
  • Platypus 3L reservoir
  • 1L FairShare mug
  • spoon
  • North Face Rain Jacket
  • REI Ultralight rain pants
  • Black Diamond Racen Pro Ice Axe
  • Bear Vault BV500
  • Thermarest Neo Air short pad
  • SPOT
  • Vasque Gore-tex trail runners Size 11 (x3 for north of Kennedy Meadows)
  • Vasque Women’s Mindbenders Size 11 trail runners (x1 for desert)
  • Custom Synthetic Vest
  • REI zip/off pants (Sierra) running shorts (desert)
  • North face fleece
  • Mountain Hardware Women’s Wicked Lite Long-Sleeved Shirt
  • Underwear (2x)
  • Socks (2x)
  • Fleece hat
  • Shower sandals
  • Pen/paper
  • Prescription glasses and Solar over sunglasses, 1x contact lenses monthly disposable
  • Sun hat
  • REI Lightweight Polartech long underwear top and bottoms
  • Toothbrush
  • Baking soda (as toothpaste and for underarms)
  • Diva Cup (panty liners and tampons for back-up)
  • Pee Rag (old bandana)

4 thoughts on “Gear

  1. see you out there! I like your gear choices-mostly we’re all gear tech heads- and blog.
    Have you tried the short version of the Neo? you gonna have body parts hangin off big time. I decided the med. is for me, sure is comfy. I look forward to your review of items like the SPOT- and all of Kit’s gear. There’s just not enough reviews for us ladies. I could talk shoes and socks for an hour.

    Ya can’t miss me out there- I’m the lady in the polka dot skirt possibly supplimented with plenty of neon-orange. Cheers and happy trails.

    • Hey, hey wanderin dot, good to hear from you, and hope we catch you and the polka dots on the trail! I was happy to hear you’ll also be sportin a skirt out there:) I have tested the short Neo, I am also on the taller side, so was concerned about legs hanging off, but with our sleeping system-2 person homemade quilt, and little tent, it actually works pretty well. Putting an empty pack under the feet alleviates the hanging out issue. I do worry about upkeep for 5 months-on a 9-day backpacking trip last summer in Sequoia I came out with a puncture, so camp site identification will be pretty critical, as will a repair kit on hand. Time and other things will tell if it was a wise choice.

      When will you be starting?
      Happy planning!

    • I got a solar charger at a data center conference a while back. I’m planning on removing some non-essential circuitry from it and soldering it straight to my phone. It’s a two year old phone that I got for free with a contract, so I’m not particularly worried if this experiment doesn’t work out well. I should be wiring it up sometime next week. Stay tuned for results.

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