Plant a Prickly Pear

How to plant a Prickly Pear: Step 1: Eat the red, seedy fruit. Step 2: Hike a while to digest the good stuff and let the seeds pass through. Step 3: Dig a cathole. Step 4: Do yo business. We left Lordsburg this morning. We were stopped twice, once by the County Commissioner who was … Continue reading

After a Flood

After a flood debris wraps around standing trees, 30 feet off the ground. Animals leave tracks through flood plains. Four foot diameter trees sprawl out in a canyon. A local elk hunter told us this was the year of a hundred year flood event. There were wild fires that tore through the drainages around the … Continue reading

More than a Pile of Rocks

It isn’t just a pile of rocks. Inside are rooms where people slept, ate, gave birth, lived out their lives a long ago time. On some walls are messages carved in the stone; or paintings, filling in the details of what it was like thousands of years ago. Carole and Hugo Mumms spend their free … Continue reading

Mountain Shadows

In the shadow of a mountain snow hides. rt c We left Silverton early Monday morning. Snow blanketed cars and the rooftops. It was chilly and we walked up the gorge to Stony Pass. A car pulled up a couple of miles in and two women offered to drive us to where the dirt road … Continue reading

Oh Snow!

As most of the country knows, Colorado is wet. It’s been wet for a lot of our hike. The day leading into and out of Lake City were amazing weather. Best we’ve seen in weeks anyway. But there’s always a catch, and it was a one day weather pattern that was supposed to hit today. … Continue reading


In response to the cliff’s carved out of the mountain side, Pyrite says, “This would be a perfect place for a hobbit house. Although it would suck in the winter.” When talking about living where there is snow, Pyrite says, “I want to build an igloo. Would you stay with me in my igloo?” While … Continue reading

Harmless Clouds

There is no snow on Snow Mesa and the sky has harmless clouds. At least for today. The mountains are scraggly and the mountain pine beetle ravaged the trees that called these slopes home, but the aspen being the pioneers that they are thrive and blanket the valleys with splashes of orange and gold. We … Continue reading

Salida Sun

Neil and Christine flew in from Boston. We had a rest and it was sunny and beautiful. Hope it stays! Goodnight!

Squirrels Throw Nuts

They hoard acorns and pine nuts in anticipation of winter, and I guess they get angry by hikers passing by; more than once I’ve been hit in the head by a falling or thrown nut. I tell the squirrels to drop those nuts, and they do, and then I get hit. We a made it … Continue reading